Part Time packaging Line Operator

Sociable Cider Werks seeks a team member to keep our packaging line humming along. Employee would work in a three-person team with two other operators and rotate responsibilities across the entire packaging line.

 Principal Responsibilities:

  • Assist packaging lead in set-up and cleanup of line at beginning and end of day

  • Identifying low fills / poor seams

  • Monitoring depalletizer

  • Monitoring filler / seamer

  • Monitoring labeler

  • Monitoring cartoner

  • Manually case packing 4 packs

  • Manually stacking case pallets

  • Manually shrink wrapping case pallets

Performance Expectations:

  • Ability to work 8-10 hour shifts 4 days per week

  • Ability to work while standing for long periods of time

  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds repeatedly

  • Ability to stay focused on repetitive tasks

  • Ability to identify a problems and escalate to packaging technician

  • Basic ability to troubleshoot mechanical problems

Desired Skills and Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred

  • Some mechanical background or skills preferred

Compensation & Benefits

  • Wage: $13.50/Hour for probationary month, escalating to $15/Hour thereafter ~20 hours per week

  • Cider and Beer benefits per Company policy

  • Eligibility for participation in Company profit sharing program


TO apply complete this form submission before May 1st.  Please note, we will not be able to respond to every submission.  Please no personal calls or stop-ins.   

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What's a stoker? It's the second person on a tandem bike. It's the engine behind the team, the power, the heart, the soul of a team. In that vein, the Sociable Stokers are the heart and soul behind our brand. It's the team on the street promoting the brand at liquor store tastings, not-for-profit events, and promotions. Take a look at our personal ad below: 

Four-year-old cidery with a "sociable" demeanor and glowing personality looking for an adventurous type who’s down for whatever.  


  • A cidery that goes out to lots of fun events including beer festivals, charity events, tastings, and tap take-overs

  • A cidery that’s OK with an open relationship. You know, a couple hours a week when you’re available

  • A cidery that’s down to hang in the evenings and on weekends

  • A cidery that’s willing to pick up the tab, and even pays you $10 per hour for your company


  • Someone with an equally sociable personality

  • Someone that loves craft ciders and beers

  • Someone that loves hanging out on weekends

  • Someone that can drive

  • Someone that can lift 50 pounds

  • Someone with mad kickball skills (seriously, the brewer’s league is no joke, don’t come up in here if you don’t have a boot)

To apply, complete this form. Please note, we will not be able to respond to every submission. Please no personal calls or stop-ins.

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