We are currently seeking part-time seasonal bartenders to join the Sociable Cider Werks team during the busy summer season. This position will start out by working two consistent bartending shifts on the weekends, with the potential to add another shift as they become available. We are looking for somebody with a passion for the craft industry, strong work ethic, and a desire to display excellent customer service at all times. Sociable is growing rapidly, so there is realistic opportunity for advancement within the company.


  • Prior customer service experience

  • Working knowledge of craft cider/beer, with the willingness to learn more, especially about Sociable’s flagship and seasonal products

  • Great communication skills

  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs

  • Ability to work on your feet for an extended period of time

  • A positive attitude and ability to thrive in a team setting

  • Willingness to work block parties/private events as needed

  • Willingness to lead brewery tours as needed

Please send resumes and three references to


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What's a stoker? It's the second person on a tandem bike. It's the engine behind the team, the power, the heart, the soul of a team. In that vein, the Sociable Stokers are the heart and soul behind our brand. It's the team on the street promoting the brand at liquor store tastings, not-for-profit events, and promotions. Take a look at our personal ad below: 

Four-year-old cidery with a "sociable" demeanor and glowing personality looking for an adventurous type who’s down for whatever.  


  • A cidery that goes out to lots of fun events including beer festivals, charity events, tastings, and tap take-overs

  • A cidery that’s OK with an open relationship. You know, a couple hours a week when you’re available

  • A cidery that’s down to hang in the evenings and on weekends

  • A cidery that’s willing to pick up the tab, and even pays you $10 per hour for your company


  • Someone with an equally sociable personality

  • Someone that loves craft ciders and beers

  • Someone that loves hanging out on weekends

  • Someone that can drive

  • Someone that can lift 50 pounds

  • Someone with mad kickball skills (seriously, the brewer’s league is no joke, don’t come up in here if you don’t have a boot)

To apply, complete this form. Please note, we will not be able to respond to every submission. Please no personal calls or stop-ins.

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