Sociable Cider Werks is driven by a simple vision: that cider should be much more than the lightly alcoholic, made-from-concentrate, sweet products that currently dominate the shelves. We break that mold by making well-carbonated, dry cider, always using real apples from the Midwest. Sociable ciders are made to be enjoyed like a great draught beer. They're delightfully different and decidedly sociable.

Our Story

It all Started in the Garage.

Jim and Wade started Sociable the same way lots of small businesses start: in the garage. The long-time friends and former roommates would often dream of hanging up their ties and retiring their face razors to take a crack at the American Dream. So, after loads of test batches and an 8,000 mile road trip around the country to check out as many cideries, breweries and distilleries as possible, the Sociable Cider Werks business plan was hatched, followed by our little cider house in Northeast Minneapolis.

Our Name


Sociable (adj.) [soh-shuh-buhl]: Inclined to associate with or be in the company of others.

It seemed the perfect moniker for our products since we tend to behave pretty sociably while drinking cider and beer.  

This brings us to the two-seated bicycle. In one of the greatest G-rated double entendres of all time, "the sociable" is also a bicycle with side-by-side seats. As you can imagine, this configuration promotes easy conversation while out for a spin.  

Unfortunately, like the great hard ciders of the colonial United States, the sociable all but disappeared from usage. While we certainly can't guarantee the reemergence of the side-by-side bike design, we can guarantee you will love our line of carefully crafted apple products.