Spring Menu

Taro Chips - $6 

Cotija Cheese. Cilantro Aioli. Ex-GF Hot Sauce (she hurts a little on the way in but on the way out is when she does most of her damage).

(GF, V)

Curry Chili Dog - $10

Chef Chris’s Chili. Peterson Beef Hot Dog. Poppy Seed Buns. Coconut Crema. Cilantro. Taro Straws. Potato Salad.

Char Turnips - $10

Oyster Sauce. Fried Garlic. Pickled Carrots and Daikon. Congee.


*Fried Brussel Salad - $10

Grilled Carrots. Frisee Lettuce. Bean Sprouts. Watermelon Radishes. Honey Vinaigrette.

(GF, V)

*Khao Sen - $10

Chilled Vermicelli Noodles. Mint. Thai Basil. Scallions. Ninja Radishes. Carrots. Red Cabbage.  Sweet Chili Vinaigrette. 

(GF, V)

**Hilltribe Fried Chicken - $10

Sociable Cider Wet Batter. Mama Vang’s Hot Sauce. S&S Cucumbers. Pickled Red Onions.


**Hmong BBQ Pork - $10

Pork Shoulder. GVP Sauce. S&S Cucumbers. Pickled Red Onions. Tiger Bite Sauce. 


**Nqail Ci Special - $12

Nqail ci  in Hmong  translates to “grilled meats”. Rotating grilled skewers w/ a side of S&S Cucumbers, Pickled Red Onions and Tiger Bite Sauce. Ask your bar tender what’s on the grill this week!


*Add house made Smoked Pork Belly- $3

**Add Sticky Rice - $2